Monday, 1 October 2007

Response from Huggies to my complaint about Bringing Up Baby

Dear Mr Dorman,

Thank you for your recent phonecall regarding HUGGIES® nappies sponsorship of the “Bringing Up Baby” programme on Channel 4® television network.

HUGGIES® really cares about babies and the special bond they have with their parents. Previous generations have always claimed to hold the key to successful parenting and this programme looks at those methods while opening up the debate and allowing parents to choose the method that suits them and their modern lifestyle best.

While we are the sponsors of this programme we, by law, have no control over the content. Having seen all four episodes we are confident that Channel 4 presents a balanced debate and in the end it is up to the viewers to decide whether it’s the experts or mum who knows best.

HUGGIES® understands that the mother and baby relationship is at the heart of parenting and have set up a forum on its website for parents to discuss the programme and express their views.

Comments such as yours help us understand how people feel about our advertising and the programmes during which we advertise. Please be assured that your opinion is important to us and will be passed on to the relevant people within Kimberly-Clark.

Yours sincerely,

Antonella Cassar
Consumer Services Department
Kimberly-Clark Europe

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Karin said...

Yes, that is almost word for word the response that I got back as well. I am still boycotting Huggies, and telling friends to do the same.