Thursday, 4 October 2007

NMC response to Channel 4 series, Bringing up Baby

The Nursing and Midwifery Council, the UK regulator for nearly 700,000 nurses and midwives has been receiving numerous complaints about the Channel 4 series, Bringing up Baby. One of the contributors to the programme is described on Channel Four’s website as a "maternity nurse", a title which is not recognised by the NMC. We are in contact with both Channel 4 and Silver River Productions, the company that produced the series. The NMC today issued the following statement:

"The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is the regulatory body for the nursing and midwifery professions in the UK. The NMC exists to protect the public and we do this by maintaining a register of nearly 700,000 nurses, midwives and specialist community public health nurses. The register is only open to those who have achieved the strict standards of training, education and qualifications required by the NMC. The only people who are permitted to call themselves a registered nurse, midwife or specialist community public health nurse are those who are on the register.

"Nursing and midwifery are highly respected professions and anyone receiving care by someone called ‘nurse’ or ‘midwife’ expects them to be registered and therefore hold the required skills and competencies that go with that title. Made-up titles like ‘maternity nurse’ are deceptive as they imply the person has earned qualifications that they do not have. This only serves to confuse the public and could prove damaging to the high level of trust that people have for genuine nurses and midwives."

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