Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Notes from part 2 of Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby Week 2

This week Hamish Mykura (C4) and Daisy Goodwin (Silver River) made public statements reassuring viewers that safeguards were in place, and we were advised we would feel better after the second show, when the science is referred to.

I witnessed Claire Verity handling a new baby very roughly, with disrespect and no concern for the state of the infant, who was clearly shocked and distressed.

Bear in mind we are seeing babies during the first 2 weeks of life.
Here is some of what was said. Claire Verity is CV...

CV: I think people who pick up babies are stupid - absolutely stupid. There's absolutely no reason to pick up a baby - leave it alone, don't touch it.
CV: She's looking at you. No eye contact please.
Mum: No eye contact at all whenwe're feeding?
CV: No. Once he gets eye contact he knows that he's in charge - and he's not. You're in charge and your feeding him. It's all about getting this milk down him.
Voice Over: Getting enough milk into a baby to last 4 hours is a lot easier with a bottle than a breast.
(on formula) Manufacturers promoted it as being better for babies than breast milk, but then this was at the same time as cigarettes were being promoted as a health product.
Distressed mum talking to CV...
Mum: I can't physically do it..
CV: But you're not being mean to her.
Mum: I feel like it though (baby left outside). I just spend all my time stood at back door which is defeating the object of her having a 4-hour sleep.
CV: It is really. You've got to rise above it, understand that she's playing you up, this baby, she knows exactly what she's doing, she's looking for attention, even at this age, all the time. So don't bow down to her, don't give in, you're in charge, keep going with the routine.
The other couple with twins. Mum sobbing at having them outside for 3 1/2 hours...
Twins screaming in distress.
Mum: Where's Claire? I can't leave them out there, they're crying their eyes out. I can't.
CV: Sit down a minute - I'll deal with them - trust me.
Mum (sobbing): I don't want them out there (name).
Dad: If it doesn't work today we'll change it tomorrow.
CV (outside with babies): Sometimes babies do cry - it's a fact of life. Nothing to worry about. I'm not worried - (smiling) do I look worried?
Mum: The other thing that was concerning me is molly-coddling them too much, and I don't want to - you could easily do that.
CV: I can see you going down that road rapidly - but I'm not going to let you.
How much time do you hold a baby?
CV: The baby's not held - unless they're feeding, bathing or changing a nappy.
(Spock mentor): So for 20 hours it's left? Where's the security in that?
CV: The security is obviously it's swaddled at night in it's own cot.
Security from a swaddle?
CV: The security is in its own pram or buggy or when the parents are around. You don't actually have to hold a baby physically to make it feel secure.

(Continuum mentor): No-one really knows the detrimental effect of really leaving a baby to cry, until these resurface in later life when they're in relationships, they suffer from low self-esteem, they don't trust. When babies cry they cry for a reason, They need to be held they need to be picked up - they need to feel they can trust their parents.
CV: No they don't need to be held or picked up. Babies cry for no absolutely reason at all, it's the only way they communicate.
7 year old sibling on baby crying whilst they are trying to eat tea: She's just doing it to get some attention.
Mum: Exactly, (name), well done.


Anonymous said...

All of us on Goddess Mums are appalled by this womans 'parenting' ... I shall be posting this petition on Goddess Mums immediatley, the woman has mental issues where she believes abusing children is 'ok' and she is allowed to have a TV programme!!



Liz said...

This is disgusting - it is thanks to so called 'experts' such as this that parents have no idea how to bring up their own children. Her treatment of the children in the families under her 'care' is appalling & she should certainly not be encouraged by a television programme. The discussions board on Goddess Mums shows that I am not alone in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The whole concept of this programme is wrong on so many levels I just don't know where to begin. I can't bring myself to watch it as it just makes me cry.

The abuse and neglect of tiny babies dressed up as a television experiment is utterly disgusting.