Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy affecting SocialBaby's shopping basket

The effects of Hurricane Sandy are being felt far beyond the USA as power outages effect trade around the world.

For our own part, our socialbaby.com website lost functionality last night (UK time). Our Shopping Basket is hosted by Long Island based cartloom.com who lost all power at the onset of the storm. The result is any page on our website with an "Add to Basket" button is unlikely to load, or may take longer than you want to wait, whilst our pages try to connect with Cartloom's servers. This means our shop doesn't work, despite the fact our own servers and power supplies are unaffected.

We are all connected by technology and today we have discovered it can have it's down sides. I wonder how many businesses around the world are affected by Hurricane Sandy? Can you imagine the  global impact if Google ever went down - what site doesn't have Google embedded?

Cartloom are posting updates on their twitter @cartloom. We wish them well and hope they stay safe.

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And you can call us on 08450 94 54 94. 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Smacking discussion on BBC Radio Five Live tonight

I've been asked to appear on BBC Radio Five Live tonight - in the anti-smacking camp.

Just after 11.00pm on the Toney Livesey show, here's the link to listen online


This follows the release of a mum after a judge says her actions were 'similar to those of many loving parents across the land'. Widely reported in the UK press yesterday.

It's a long standing debate and one I've been invited to discuss frequently on radio. Usually I am put against someone with extreme views who feels threatened by my stance and is unable to listen. Hopefully Trish Aduhu will not fall into that category. I'll report back.

Here is one article from the Daily Mail

And from the BBC website

Monday, 1 October 2012

It's been a while!

I'm back with a brief message at the start of a new phase in my blogging…
The Bringing Up Baby campaign was a tough one. It became all-consuming and pretty much took over my life, but it did make a difference. Not as great as I would have liked, but change is often made in small steps and other people have picked up where I had to leave off. The posts still get a lot of hits, so it is something that has far from gone away and touches a good number of people.
So what next?
Well a new look blog for starters, to go with our new look website. You can now read posts from directly within our website socialbaby.com or the blogger .