Thursday, 4 October 2007

Claire Verity and Daisy Goodwin on BBC Radio 5 Live

News update:

Claire Verity, Daisy Goodwin, a representative from FSID and 2 mums are on BBC Radio 5 Live with Victoria Derbyshire (9 - 12 noon) tomorrow, Friday 5th October.


Gordon said...

Just listened to Claire Verity and co on Radio 5. What a biased spineless joke. I have never come across a more pathetic attempt at damage limitation before in my life.

Funny how the majority of callers and the emails read out, were pro Verity/structured regime or just bland, “sitting on the fence”, comments.
She was not taken to task over what she was advising with regards to isolation and the effects on child development etc. Nor was she persued with regards to allegations of potential child abuse, citing such evidence as leaving children crying untended for hours or leaving them outside in the garden for over 3 hours.
The C4 producer was not questioned about identities of the alleged raft of advisors who said the programme was ok and the validity of using new-born babies for edutainment. The names of the so called advisors would have been good because at the moment that information is as obtainable as a Unicorns horn

The opportunity to answer all the questions put forward by concerned parents were squandered for the sake of pro Verity propaganda and crowd calming.

Somehow I cant see it working.

watching with interest said...

I expect you have seen this story about the connection between Claire Verity and Mick Jagger?

The only thing is, it may be complete rubbish. The only way to check is whether Verity actually said this or the paper made it up.

If it was true, it reflects badly on her. If she made it up, it manages to be even worse!

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've heard CV speak (have avoided watching the programme for the sake of my sanity). Not impressed. She came across as rude, defensive, unprofessional and startingly ill-informed, for instance about "kangaroo care" for premature babies (of which she never seemed to have heard).