Thursday, 10 May 2007

Sign the Breastfeeding Manifesto for Breastfeeding Awareness Week 13-19th May 2007

A UK breastfeeding manifesto is to be launched on 16 May 2007. Acting on this manifesto would, it is hoped, help reduce inequalities in health, improve the health of the nation, and save the NHS money while ensuring that the UK government fulfils its existing commitments to women. Campaigners say that if all babies were breastfed for at least three months, the reduction in the incidence of gastroenteritis alone would save the NHS in England and Wales more than £35m (€51m; $70m) a year. (Sebastian Kramer)

To download the manifesto only from here click this.

As Maggie Fisher (CPHVA) said "I would encourage you to respond and encourage others to do so. There are pre printed cards available to send to your local MP as well. You can e-mail your MP directly from the website. The CPHVA is a signatory to this. I will be attending the official launch of the breastfeeding manifesto next week representing Amicus/CPHVA in my role as professional officer."

Over 190 MPs have signed up. Why not ask them when they will act on this?

To visit their site, sign the petition and send a card to your MP click Breastfeeding Manifesto

Cheers, Clive

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