Friday, 25 May 2007

About Bringing Up Baby by Clive Dorman

Channel Four and Daisy Goodwin at Silver River are keeping tight-lipped about this series.

I first received an email in July 2006 asking for help in finding on-screen mentors who are passionate about about Truby King's methods!

I spoke at length with Claire Lloyd-Evans warning her of the dangers in Truby Kings methods and sent her copies of The Social Baby Book and DVD which clearly show how to attend to the needs of infants.

I never heard back, so I wrote to Daisy Goodwin and Hamish Mykura at Channel Four.

In short I have never received satisfactory answers to my simple questions, which is why I have taken the decision to make public the feeble replies I have received.

I have found both Channel Four and Silver River dismissive in their responses, which can only mean they either choose not to hear, or do not believe that neglecting the needs of infants can cause long-lasting social and emotional damage.

Worringly neither have thus far let me know who are their experts and advisors. Channel 4 have not said if Claire Verity is involved as has been reported.

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