Thursday, 27 September 2007

Petition to 10 Downing Street about Bringing Up Baby style shows

Please sign our petition to 10 Downing Street, and forward this message to as many people as you can.

The petition reads:
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to take urgent action to protect infants and their parents from television programmes that promote outdated and discredited parenting theories.

The description on the petition page explains in more detail the reason why everyone should sign.

Click here to sign the petition

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Thanks for your support

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Karin said...

Not only will I sign this petition, but I have also complained to Ofcom and to the NSPCC. (I got an email back from the NSPCC saying that they do not support Claire Verity's methods) I have also sent an email to Huggies saying that I am further banning their products and telling others to do so as well if they continue to sponsor "Bringing Up Baby"

Thank you for your efforts to stop this woman's damaging ways.