Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Claire Verity reveals her true colours

So... Claire Verity burst onto our screens tonight, triumphantly and exclusively expounding her chronically misguided advice to new parents which amount to how to brain damage infants into early compliance. Believe me, brain damage is exactly what she promotes.

It is outstanding that here in the UK with a government that is pouring millions of pounds into early intervention, that the media is sufficiently unregulated that it is possible for Daisy Goodwin (Silver River) to produce a programme for Channel Four (commissioned by Hamish Mykura - Head of History, Science and Religion) that, after the first show (of four) promotes the contrived neglect of infants.

From the time I was first approached by Silver River, I have been seriously concerned about the implications of broadcasting parenting practices that are outdated. Let's put this in context. Coca-Cola was created by John Pemberton in the 1880's (more here) It contained cocaine and an aphrodisiac stimulant from the kola nut. Versions of this drink continued until 1914 when it became illegal as part of the Harrison Narcotic Act 1914. Truby King graduated in 1888. Full story here. See also my blog on the man.

Very simply, would we suggest our children drink the Coke of the late 1800's in the interests of a television experiment? Why did the pregnant mum not drink and smoke during pregnancy as was the norm at the time?

Who is consulted to protect these babies and their poor uninformed parents from the child abuse Claire Verity is exposing them to?

Channel Four loves controversy. Bringing Up Baby will never gain the sort of exposure that Big Brother gets, and Ofcom was slow in its response to the public outrage at racist statements by Jade Goody towards Shilpa Shetty.

There are very serious issues here.


tracy said...

I am sure even Truby King with todays knowledge would be abhorred at his advice being followed now.

Quiet Mind said...

I watched the programme 'Bringing up Baby' last night. I had to leave the room because I couldn't stop swearing at the TV. I totally agree with everything posted here and have been concerned enough about the influence this woman might have that I have written to Ofcom. I really dont think this woman should be given air time and I think that her activities should be investigated by every child protection body there is.