Thursday, 17 April 2008

Smacking discussion and phone-in on Radio 5 Live 18th April, 11.00pm

I have been invited to appear on the Stephen Logan show tomorrow night (Friday) 18th April. I'm on at 11.00 pm for up to one hour. It's a discussion and phone-in on smacking following the Bowens' decision to mount a legal challenge to Somerset council's decision to not accept them as foster parents because they smack their child (though they say they would not smack a foster child).

Opposite me in the studio, is a barrister called Mark Mullins, who is the London Chair of the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship. I understand he supports the Bowens' stance and is pro smacking.

I find it puzzling that many pro-smacking people are Christians. I find it difficult to correlate the work of Jesus and the teachings of the bible to the smacking of children, so I hope this will be an interesting discussion.

You can listen on DAB radios, or online at or by clicking here and following the on-screen links.

Hope you can listen in.
Regards to all - Clive

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