Monday, 11 June 2007

Letters to Channel Four/ Siver River re Claire Verity/Bringing Up Baby

I wrote to Channel Four requesting detailed information about the upcoming Silver River Production, Bringing Up Baby. I have emailed previously and had a feeble response from Hamish Mykura, Head of History, Science & Religion at Channel Four, who is responsible for the programme. I have added Silver Rivers responses, which are equally unaceptable.
Links to the correspondence are here

Letter from Clive Dorman at The Children's Project to Channel Four 17.05.2007
Reply from Channel Four 23.05.2007

Letter from Clive Dorman at The Children's Project to Silver River Productions 17.05.2007
Reply from Silver River 31.05.2007

If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this correspondence you can contact

The Children's Project using the links above by email, phone or post.

Channel Four (who commissioned the programme)
Channel Four Television
124 Horseferry Road
Switchboard 020 7396 4444 (outside UK +4420 7369 4444)

Our reply is from David Glover
Deputy Commissioning Editor
Specialist Factual

Silver River (who are producing the programme)
Silver River Productions
4th Floor, Brook House
2-16 Torrington Place
T 020 7307 2720 (outside UK +4420 7307 2720)

Our reply is from Tanya Shaw
Executive Producer

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